For more than 50 years the Basimakopoulos family continues with passion and dedication the long boat building tradition of our country. Our shipyard, having built more than 380 wooden vessels of various types and sizes, many of which have been certified by Greek or foreign classification bodies, boasts that it holds one of the first places on the podium of the Greek traditional boat builders.

Despite the developments in machinery and technology the bulk of the work is still done by hand. Thus, each vessel is unique, a one of a kind piece of art. ‘’Koiladiotika’’ vessels sail throughout the Greek seas and they are considered to be points of reference to those lucky ones that came along one.

  • Workshop of 700 sq m
  • Perennial experience in boat building
  • Qualified personnel
  • Ability to build vessels from 5 to 40 meters
  • Quality construction materials
  • Construction and excellent cruising guarantee
  • Modern techniques and exceptional aesthetics
Over 300 of our vessels plow the Greek seas
Many years of experience, modern materials and traditional art guarantee the best result you can expect.


With great care and manual labour, the founder of the Shipyard Dimitris Basimakopoulos and his colleagues have turned raw material like wood of all kinds (such as pine, iroko, oregon, oak) into unique works of art that sail the Greek seas.