Latest news concerning UK flagged yachts within the EU

Wednesday the 9th of June 2021

In accordance with the provisions of the Agreement on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Articles 41 and 47, etc.) as well as the provisions of the Union Customs Code concerning re-importation, temporary importation and those concerning the Union status of goods and the documentation that prove this status, as you have been informed in detail by our Administration, UK-flagged vessels moored or sailing in EU waters before leaving the UK (1.1.2021), regardless of where the taxes have been paid, retain their EU status for as long as they remain in them.

It is therefore obvious that for vessels that have a Union status, customs formalities are not required, since such a thing would contradict the provisions of the Union legislation.

On the other hand, in accordance with Article 154 of the Union Customs Code, Union goods become non-Union when they leave EU customs territory, and therefore UK-flagged vessels that were moored or sailing in EU waters before leaving the EU. UK (1.1.2021), which have left EU territorial waters after 1.1.2021, lose their EU status and upon entry into the EU are treated as third country vessels, in which case the customs authorities are dealt with and customs formalities are applied.

The Customs offices follow (and apply in all cases) the above provisions of both the Union Code and the instructions they have received from our Administration.

We point out that our positions are always formulated in accordance with the instructions / answers we have received so far from the competent bodies of the European Commission.

In case we receive a new differentiated position of the European Commission for private yachts, we will come back with relevant clarifications and instructions to you and all the owners of yachts with UK flag.

The above text is signed by the General Director of Customs Administration mr. K.Mourtidis