Terms of Use

  1. Owners are expected to give at least 2 weeks’ notice of their preferred launch date
  2. Owners are expected to pay for all outstanding debts (to have zero account balance) at least 1 week before launch date.
  3. After haul-out, the Shipyard will carry out cold water high pressure cleaning of the below-waterline external surface of the hull, taking up to 20 minutes at 180 bar pressure. The cost is inclusive to the quoted price for the combined haul out + launch fee.
  4. The first and last days on hard-standing (parked ashore) will count as one day.
  5. Owners are responsible for the positioning of the travel-lift belts. This means the Owners must ensure the position of the lifting belts are strictly in accordance with the yacht manufacturer instructions and the positioning of the belts must ensure the yacht can be lifted without damage.
  6. Whilst on hard-standing, sailing monohull yachts will be supported using a heavy-duty steel cradle chosen by the Shipyard.
  7. Whilst on hard-standing, an additional yacht movement carried out at the request or responsibility of the Owners is subject to additional cost for each lifting operation, equal to the haul-out fee.
  8. Owners are expected to give advance notice (before haul-out of the yacht) if the mast is to be removed (in order to reserve additional ground space). The ground space will be chosen by the Shipyard and the mast will incur an addition storage cost equal to 75% of the daily yacht-fee.
  9. The Shipyard provide toilet & shower facilities for use by Owners and crew when their yachts are hard-standing within the Shipyard. There is no charge for the first 20 days of use. Additional days will cost €10 per person per day.Wi-Fi usage is free of charge and is unlimited.
  10. Goods valued more than €150 being ordered from the marine shop must be paid for in advance.
  11. Owners are responsible for all insurance purposes of their yacht and retain responsibility for safe storage and security of their yacht equipment (chain, anchor, outboards, ropes, fenders, electronics etc). In the unlikely event of equipment going missing, for any reason whatsoever, the Shipyard can accept no responsibility and offers no insurance cover.
  12. The Shipyard will choose the ground space where each yacht is kept.
  13. Returning Owners are expected to seek permission to park their car within the Shipyard during the summer sailing season. Owners are responsible for all insurance purposes of their car because the Shipyard can accept no responsibility and offers no insurance cover.
  14. Owners and crew (as shown on crew list) are permitted to work on their yacht whilst on hard-standing. Owners are responsible for all health and safety and environmental requirements and must be suitably insured for all liabilities. The Shipyard does not offer insurance of any kind in case of accidents by Owners or crew.
  15. Before starting any work Owners must take all necessary precautions (e.g. use of vacuum cleaner, boat covers etc) in order to avoid contaminating, spoiling or dirtying other nearby yachts.
  16. Owners wanting to use an 'outside contractor' must first obtain Shipyard approval.
  17. After launching in the sea, skipper must manoeuvre their yacht clear of the dock within 30 minutes.
  18. If, after the yacht has been launched, it is necessary to haul-out again for any reason the Owners will be charged for these additional haul-out and launch operations.
  19. Owners are offered temporary use of the Shipyard's ladders (as well scaffolding - first-come first served provided it is not wanted for use by the Shipyard at the time).
  20. Other equipment belonging to the Shipyard is for the sole use of the Shipyard.
  21. High risk-works are not allowed within the Shipyard. Examples of this include mast-climbing, sails opening, engine starts (where there is a risk of the propeller turning). If unsure - ask the Shipyard.
  22. Owners requiring work carried out by the Shipyard during the winter term must inform the Shipyard and obtain agreement for scope of supply and dates; well before 31st December. During the summer term the Shipyard offer work, first come first served.
  23. If, during the first 48 hours after haul-out:
    1. Owners find the Shipyard is not to their complete satisfaction they can request the Shipyard to re-launch their yacht and the Shipyard will refund any advance payments made by the Owners.
    2. Owners and Shipyard are in dispute for any reason and the dispute is not settled to the complete satisfaction of both parties, then the Shipyard retains the right to re-launch the yacht and the Shipyard will refund any advance payments made by the Owners.
  24. The Shipyard retains the right to expel yachts if Shipyard fees remain unpaid after 24 months.
  25. When wishing to make a reservation Owners will be asked to pay a non-refundable security payment (the deposit). The Shipyard will confirm the booking when the deposit is received, allocate ground space and resources to receive the yacht and confirm the reservation. The Shipyard understands Owners plans can change and offer Owners the opportunity to use the deposit for a deferred haul-out date provided it takes place before the first anniversary of the date the deposit was received.
  26. When requesting a date for a lifting operation Owners are asked to understand 'the actual time of a lift is decided by the Shipyard' and shall be dependent on day-to-day requirements and timely allocation of Shipyard resources. The Shipyard will do their best to keep Owners informed of the expected time to be ready for their yacht to be lifted. Lifting operations usually take place on normal working weekdays, Monday to Friday 08:00 - 14:00 and Owners are expected to be ready for their yacht to be lifted at the time given by the Shipyard.
  27. Owners are not allowed to carry out any hot work (maintenance or repairs involving the use of a naked flame, gas or burner or electric heater producing temperature exceeding 100ºC) without firstly obtaining the express permission of the Shipyard. Permission will only be given if the Owner produces a full method statement and risk assessment (including risk of fire and comprehensive fire-watch equipped with fire-fighting equipment) to the complete satisfaction of the Shipyard. The Owner must also provide written proof of comprehensive insurance cover for the intended hot work
  28. Grinding of steel can cause air-borne contamination which can be particularly damaging to other yachts (local as well remote on windy days). Grinding is therefore not permitted within the Shipyard without first obtaining permission from the Shipyard on a day-to-day basis. Owners wishing to do work of this nature must exercise all precautions to ensure other yachts cannot be damaged
  29. Waste disposal facilities are provided by the Shipyard. Owners must ensure all waste is contained and disposed-of correctly at each respective disposal point without damage to property, people and environment. Waste-oil and oil contaminated waste disposal tanks must be used carefully to avoid spillages and ground contamination and any accidents must be reported immediately
  30. Owners can make arrangements with local diesel fuel suppliers to bring diesel fuel to their yacht using an appropriate size of vehicle tanker. When doing so Owners accept full responsibility for risk of accidental damage and spillages and are therefore advised to ensure the fuel supplier has comprehensive insurance cover.
  31. These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time and Owners will be issued with latest copy when making a reservation. Owners are asked to read and make sure they understand and comply with these terms and conditions before haul-out. In all circumstances these terms and conditions shall take precedent and for the avoidance of doubt 'yacht haul-out' is deemed to indicate the Owners full acceptance of these terms and conditions

'Owners' means the owner of a yacht or owners (if more than one person) as well any person deemed to be having Owners authority, which may be their appointed skipper or crew member deemed to be an officer or agent of the owners.

"Shipyard' means owner, manager or authorized officer in the employ of or on behalf of Basimakopoulos Shipyard. Also can mean the area of land used by Basimakopoulos Shipyard where yachts can be stored and lifted.